If for any reason your handset does develop a fault your first point of contact is to speak to your point of purchase.

RugGear and its partners will warranty the handset for a period of a minimum of 24 months for the handset and 6 months for the battery.
This warranty covers the handset for manufacture defaults, and includes workmanship and design faults. Handsets deemed eligible for replacement may be replaced on a like for like basis for Grade A, B, or C stock.

Grade A – Perfect, as new.

Grade B – Slight signs of wear and tear and few minor scratches to screen and/or casing.

Grade C – Cosmetically shows higher signs of usage including scratches to screen and case.

RugGear or our partners will endeavour to carry out all repairs in a timely fashion and will either repair the device, or replace the device with a like for like version or if not available a high specification model. RugGear and its partners do not take any responsibility for loss or any data or material installed on to the handset, we suggest ALL data is backed up before any device is returned.

RugGear and its partners reserve the right to charge a handling fee is a handset is returned and no fault is found or if the handset is found to be customer damage or not covered by warranty. Where a handset has been returned and found to be a chargeable repair or return the customer has 60 days to pay the quotation by bank transfer or RugGear and its partners reserve the right to dispose of the device.

Customers must register for warranty within 30 days of purchase and complete the warranty form below.

What’s NOT covered under the warranty?

Single pixels or up to 10 faulty pixels on the LCD
Any physical damage
Water ingress
Installation of malicious third party software or applications.

If the device have been tampered or attempted to be opened up the warranty is deemed void.Only genuine accessories are to be used with this device, using third party may affect your warranty.

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